FST New Development Spotlight: Heavy Duty Power Steering Tetra Seal Improvement

Posted by TransTec on April 11, 2018

As most of us in the automotive aftermarket and service industries know, OE manufacturers don't always get things right the first time. But when subsequent attempts to improve a product or part continue to fail, where can you turn for a better solution?

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How To Identify Heavy Duty Power Steering Pumps and Gears

Posted by TransTec on January 24, 2018

The heavy duty power steering applications in commercial, construction, and other large vehicles your shop might deal with have been specially developed to perform under pressure (quite literally). However, when it comes to rebuilding those applications, you need to know what parts you're working with and what makes them different from standard, lighter duty applications, and that's not always easy.

In this article, we'll describe how to identify heavy duty power steering pumps and gears as well as what to look for when purchasing heavy duty rebuild parts. 

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Topics: Power Steering, Heavy Duty