How Long Can a Rebuilt Transmission Last?

Posted by TransTec on March 28, 2018

With the right care, any well-made transmission can last for years inside a vehicle. The same goes for the transmissions you rebuild in your shop. All that work of pulling a transmission out of a vehicle, replacing the old or worn parts, and reinstalling into the original vehicle can provide incredible value to your customers. And just because a transmission has broken down in the past, that doesn't mean your shop can't provide long-term results with your rebuilds.

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How to Properly Install A Hydraulic Power Steering Seal 

Posted by TransTec on March 21, 2018

One of the most important parts that protects the inner components that drive a power steering system is the input shaft seal. In order for a power steering system to operate, it must connect with a steering shaft. The steering shaft runs from the steering wheel and provides driver input to the power steering system. There are two seals that are used to make sure that dust does not enter while the power steering fluid is retained. The first seal is, quite literally, a dust cover. The second seal is the input shaft seal. This seal is responsible for preventing power steering fluid from leaking. If the seal is damaged, hydraulic fluid can leak from the power steering input shaft and eventually overheat the system or break down all together. So you can see why protecting these units is vital in order to keep your customers' vehicles in tip-top condition. So today, we're going to look at the most foolproof method used to install hydraulic power steering seals. 

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Optimizing Your Auto Shop Setup For Success

Posted by TransTec on March 14, 2018

The term "optimization" is becoming a huge buzzword across many modern industries, and for good reason: as customers have access to more and more information to compare options, competitors have to step up their game in order to win business. In general, optimization refers to making the best use of a resource or process — in this case, making your shop operate at maximum efficiency. We're here today on the blog to discuss what optimization means in terms of the most critical elements of your auto shop environment and workflow.

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3 Types of Auto Shop Training Resources To Keep Your Staff Educated

Posted by TransTec on March 7, 2018

There are very few industries in which a business can survive without keeping current in terms of technology and trends, and the auto service industry is no exception. Auto manufacturers are constantly updating and innovating the technology inside the vehicles they produce, and it may not be long before those new technologies end up in your auto shop. So how do you ensure that your staff is prepared to service the vehicles of today and tomorrow? One of the most critical steps is providing training and continuing education opportunities.

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