Rebuilding Challenges: Heavy Duty ZF Gears

Posted by TransTec on May 30, 2018

Having a base of knowledge in your rebuilding specialty is crucial for any rebuilder worth his or her salt. However, the specifics of particular brands and parts can throw your normal routine for a loop. One such example of a part with unique challenges in the heavy duty steering arena is ZF gears. What you might not know is that there are some specific reasons why disassembling and rebuilding a ZF gear presents so much difficulty. Today, we'll be discussing the common pitfalls in a ZF gear rebuild as well as some tips to help you overcome them.

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What Do Your Customers See When They Come Into Your Shop?

Posted by TransTec on May 23, 2018

You may think that the only thing that matters in your shop is the quality of the work you do and the price you charge. And while ensuring every customer gets a quality repair is important, your business is so much more than that. No matter what your work ethic is like or how much you charge, first impressions are hard to change and they start the moment your customer gets out of their car. 

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When to Repair a Transmission

Posted by TransTec on May 16, 2018

Every transmission that comes into your shop - even ones that you've worked on before - will have different needs. Your inspection will reveal the level of damage the unit has suffered, and then you have a decision to make. What type of service should you complete to get this unit back in the vehicle and back on the road?

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Freudenberg in the Community: Our Outreach and Service Projects

Posted by TransTec on May 9, 2018

At Freudenberg (or FST, the parent company of TransTec), we feel it's our duty as a global brand to give back, both as a company and as individuals that represent it. We've been putting our whole-hearted support behind community service and world aid projects for years, and continue to support the causes we care about today. Today, we want to share with you some of our most recent service endeavors that have made a difference in many different parts of the local and global community.

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Heavy Duty Power Steering Poppet Valves

Posted by TransTec on May 2, 2018

Heavy duty vehicles, including their power steering systems, rely on components that can stand up to their high pressure operations. From the biggest systems to the smallest parts, you need to be sure everything is able to stand up over time, especially when rebuilding a unit that should have many more miles to go. Today, we're going to discuss one of the smallest parts that has the biggest impact on the success of an HDPS rebuild or remanufacture: the poppet valve.

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Categories: Power Steering, Heavy Duty