As of 05/09/22, the TransTec® 6F35 Gen 1 overhaul kits have been updated to include a new Duraprene™ gasket and aluminum spacer. This new gasket and spacer are used in place of the silicone sealant the OEM uses.

49477066-6F35-Case-Connector-Spacer 49478413-Durapreen-6F35-Cover-Gasket

49477066 - 6F35 Case Connector Spacer

49478413 - Durapreen™ 6F35 Cover Gasket



TransTec Kit Numbers affected: 71018423 / 81000651

Applications and Year Coverage: Gen I 6F35 | 2008-2012

CLICK HERE to learn more about the Overhaul Kit 6F35 GEN 1 2008-2012 (w/o Pistons / No Pan Gasket)


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