Handling Auto Shop Customer Disputes

Posted by TransTec on March 13, 2019

Complaints and comebacks certainly mean more work for your auto shop, but sometimes that work comes complete with an upset customer. While much of your shop's business happens in the garage and out of the public eye, your face to face interactions with customers makes impressions that can win and lose future jobs. Thankfully, by practicing some basic customer service principles, you can prep your team for turning negative customer experiences into positive ones. In this post, we'll explain the best practices for handling auto shop customer disputes that apply to a wide range of complaints, from prices to workmanship and more.

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How to Balance Your Auto Shop's Workload During Busy Seasons

Posted by TransTec on February 20, 2019

In an ideal world, your auto shop would have a steady, consistent stream of business all year long. One new vehicle would arrive in the shop only as another was leaving, and comebacks would be unheard of. But unfortunately, with summer comes volumes of AC problems and road trip tune-ups, and winter brings 4-wheel drive issues and ABS failures — all at the same time, it seems. None of this is to mention those unexpected upticks in business you can't predict in the first place.

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How to Increase the Value of Your Shop's Transmission Rebuilds

Posted by TransTec on October 10, 2018

When it comes to transmission repairs and rebuilds, your customers have plenty of choices. The internet makes it easier than ever to shop around for prices or other decision-making factors, not to mention your customers are probably getting an overwhelming amount of advice and recommendations from friends and family. How can you ensure your shop stands out as a top choice for transmission work? By crafting a reputation for outstanding value and quality.

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Strategies for Avoiding Transmission Rebuild Comebacks

Posted by TransTec on September 19, 2018

The biggest threat to your productivity and reputation as a transmission rebuild shop is the risk of comebacks. When your rebuild job is unsuccessful the first time, not only do you usually have an unsatisfied customer on your hands, but this warranty work takes up the space in your shop and the time of your technicians when you could be moving on to new jobs. The good news is that you have plenty of opportunities to avoid these losses in the first place with a little bit of careful planning and quality service.

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Why Transmission Rebuilders Should Attend Trade Shows and Seminars

Posted by TransTec on September 12, 2018

When you're working day after day in the rebuild shop, providing the highest quality rebuilds you can, it can easily start to feel like you're isolated from the rest of the automotive world. The good news is that if some out-of-office time is necessary, there are plenty of ways you can learn from and connect with others in the industry at trade shows and training seminars.

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