Emerging Torque Converter Technology

Posted by TransTec on January 2, 2019

As vehicle design evolves and automatic transmissions continue to develop, so does the technology that goes inside them. Engineers and manufacturers are constantly tasked with improving or creating parts that are better suited to accommodate new designs, more speeds, and differentiating benefits. As a result, torque converter technology is one segment going through a period of change and innovation. In this post, we'll discuss the emerging torque converter technology making the biggest waves in the automatic transmission market. (Image provided by ATRA.)

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The Importance of Quality Oil Seals for Transmission Rebuilds

Posted by TransTec on December 26, 2018

Modern transmissions work hard, so shouldn't their oil seals do the same? Inferior seals are one of the most major diagnoses of transmission fluid leaks that can damage the unit beyond repair. When you're rebuilding transmissions every single day, it can be easy to forget how critical these small parts are, but in a system that operates under such high demands, the value well-made oil seals should never be underestimated. In today's post, we're here to discuss the importance of choosing quality when it comes to transmission oil seals.

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3 Most Important Elements of an Aftermarket Transmission Seal Kit Development Process

Posted by TransTec on December 19, 2018

When a new transmission application hits the automotive market, it's only a matter of time until rebuilders need a seal kit for it in their shops. While warranty lengths give aftermarket seal manufacturers a few years to develop a kit before then, you might be surprised by the amount of work and analysis it takes to launch a kit to the aftermarket. While every manufacturer will have a slightly different aftermarket transmission seal kit development process, it's a mistake to believe that every process is equal.

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CVT Global Industry Production Outlook [IHS Data]

Posted by TransTec on November 28, 2018

Among the debates on how many gears a vehicle needs in 2018, one emerging transmission innovation adds an interesting angle to the conversation. The CVT (continuously variable transmission) is a technology that eliminates the need for a set number of gears, designed instead to shift using infinite gear ratios. Today, CVT transmissions are more well-developed than ever, and manufacturers are starting to understand how to incorporate them into their vehicles. But what kind of market share do CVTs really have, and how can we expect them to impact the transmission industry moving forward? In this blog post, we'll take a look at IHS data that illustrates what CVT industry production looks like today and in the future.

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Identifying Transmission Applications: The Importance of Getting It Right

Posted by TransTec on October 31, 2018

Years ago, you (and many other technicians) might have been able to look at just about any car on the road and know with a high level of certainty what transmission was inside. And we're not just talking about whether it's an automatic or not; we mean the actual transmission application. Over time, however, as the transmission industry has grown and developed, identifying the transmission inside a vehicle has become a much bigger challenge.

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