One of the most common failure modes for the Ford Fusion is connected to the DTC U3000 (including U3000:46 and U3000:96). The Ford Fusion 2011-2012 has also been recalled for ECU failure. In this article, we'll list the symptoms, diagnoses, and solutions related to Ford Fusion vehicles that generate the U3000 error code.

U3000 Error Code Symptoms

The U3000 error code is related to difficult steering conditions that may be reported by the owner/driver. Symptoms of this failure mode include the loss of power steering, making the steering wheel incredibly hard to turn (similar to old-fashioned mechanical steering without power assist). The car can be steered, but because the electric motor assembled in the rack is not working, effort on the wheel will increase significantly. Additionally, a steering indicator light may illuminate on the dashboard. This failure mode will usually appear upon starting the vehicle, not while driving or idling.

Diagnosing and Repairing Ford Fusion with DTC U3000

DTC U3000 in the Ford Fusion can be caused by a few different issues, including:

  • Steering gear internal failure
  • Incorrect EPAS gear installed
  • Ice/frost buildup on relay contacts
  • Disconnected, or cut electrical wiring and/or connectors
  • Disconnected or broken system ground

If you're reading a U3000 error code on a Ford Fusion, you can follow a few best practices to service the issue. If the code will not erase, the power steering system will most likely need to be replaced or rebuilt. However, if the vehicle is also throwing other error codes, there may be an issue with a different system that is no longer providing information to the steering rack, causing the U3000 code to trigger. Before you rebuild the steering, you should diagnose the vehicle for any other system failures. If the ECU is blocked, the steering system will need to be replaced.

Ford Fusion Steering Rack Recall

Additionally, service technicians should be aware that a recall has been issued for 2011-2012 Ford Fusion vehicles without a 3.5L engine because their electronic power steering assist systems may shut down due to a steering motor sensor fault. Newer gen Ford Fusions were installed with an updated ECU that improved upon this programming error. Fusions that meet these specifications that return the U3000 error code may be part of this recall.

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