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Why Do Transmission Seals Fail?

Posted by TransTec on March 20, 2019

Some of the most common causes of transmission rebuilds are issues related to seal failure inside of a transmission. When you consider the number of miles an average transmission you rebuild can last, you must be able to trust that the parts you install inside can hold up for just as long. Though they're some of the smallest parts in the system, transmission seal and gasket failures are highly likely to lead to full transmission failure, thanks to fluid leaks that can burn up the unit.

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Handling Auto Shop Customer Disputes

Posted by TransTec on March 13, 2019

Complaints and comebacks certainly mean more work for your auto shop, but sometimes that work comes complete with an upset customer. While much of your shop's business happens in the garage and out of the public eye, your face to face interactions with customers makes impressions that can win and lose future jobs. Thankfully, by practicing some basic customer service principles, you can prep your team for turning negative customer experiences into positive ones. In this post, we'll explain the best practices for handling auto shop customer disputes that apply to a wide range of complaints, from prices to workmanship and more.

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The Benefits of Purchasing Transmission Overhaul Kits from One Provider

Posted by TransTec on March 6, 2019

In the transmission business, your time and attention are constantly pulled in multiple directions, and that's a lot to manage if you're not careful. Between servicing incoming jobs, working with customers and techs, and running the everyday ins and outs of a transmission shop, dealing with your supply chain can quickly slip down the list of priorities until there's a major problem to tackle.

But when it comes to transmission overhaul kits, what if there was a "set it and forget it" option? Well, when you find the right seal provider, there is. In this post, we'll discuss the time-saving benefits of purchasing all of your transmission overhaul kits from one provider, as well as explain how to find that provider.

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How to Vet A Transmission Seal Kit Provider

Posted by TransTec on February 27, 2019

Vetting suppliers for your transmission shop is an investment of time and resources, but so is buying the seal kits you use in your rebuilds. While it can feel like a chore to properly research and find the right kit provider, your choice can mean the difference between comebacks and satisfied customers. With your shop's reputation at stake, it's time to put some real thought into the overhaul kits you're using and who provides them.

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How to Balance Your Auto Shop's Workload During Busy Seasons

Posted by TransTec on February 20, 2019

In an ideal world, your auto shop would have a steady, consistent stream of business all year long. One new vehicle would arrive in the shop only as another was leaving, and comebacks would be unheard of. But unfortunately, with summer comes volumes of AC problems and road trip tune-ups, and winter brings 4-wheel drive issues and ABS failures — all at the same time, it seems. None of this is to mention those unexpected upticks in business you can't predict in the first place.

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