Recently, we went to visit one of our automatic transmission rebuilders for TransTec UK. Located in the North East of England, Austrin Gearbox Specialist are a committed end user of TransTec product and fully support our brand values. 

We share similar views on quality and other topics within the independent aftermarket. As a committed end user, they continue to promote our brand throughout their workshop and to their own customers too. During our visit we discussed their business needs, requirements, and talked about what TransTec can do to support them further. The Director at Austrin Gearbox Specialist, Joe Cornforth, told us about the history of the company and the challenges facing them.

Tell us a bit about Austrin Gearbox Specialist?

Austrin has been the go-to name in the North East of England for gearbox repairs since 1971. Over the years the business has grown exponentially and now operates from state-of-the-art premises in Newcastle upon Tyne. Over time we have established unrivalled in-depth expertise on automatic transmissions, DSG gearboxes, transfer box and 4x4 units as well as manual gearboxes and differentials. We pride ourselves on providing an excellent service from start to finish, assisting with complex gearbox and drivetrain issues for many garages including main dealers, fleet companies, public sector clients and private customers.

Why do you choose TransTec as one of your main suppliers?

We choose TransTec as one of our main suppliers of automatic transmission parts because of the quality of the products, when conducting a technical repair, you need to rely on the parts you fit and we feel we can trust TransTec products.

Austin Gearbox

How would you rate the service you get from TransTec / distribution?

The service we receive from TransTec's distribution network is great, next day delivery allowing reduction in waiting times for repairs.

What benefits does TransTec product give to you as a rebuilder?

As a rebuilder the TransTec product contributes to an OE quality repair, the materials are highly reliable which gives us a high degree of confidence when utilising the product.

What else could TransTec offer to you the customer, to improve our product portfolio?

We are seeing an increase in gearboxes with dual clutch packs and the need for hard parts is crucial. Additionally, electronic components i.e. connectors and looms are also just as essential. There is difficulty in sourcing these parts which could be an area for TransTec to look in to.

If TransTec could improve on one thing, what would it be?

If TransTec could improve on one thing it would be releasing late gearbox overhaul kits. The new transmissions are failing quicker than before, some units we wouldn't see for 10 years after release. We are now seeing units just out of manufacturer’s warranty turning up at our workshop for repair.

How do you find the TransTec ZF8HP piston tool?

We have used the piston tool to save and repair numerous ZF8HP drums, saving both us and the customer expense and still delivering the same performance as the original drum.

How do you find the TransTec Gasket Wizard?

A unique product, it did allow us to reuse the valve body plate with the additional TransTec provided gasket. Once again saving money, the gasket wizard performed well with an overnight soak and ready to build in the morning with a brief scrape to clean up.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Joe and the team at Austrin Gearbox Specialist for taking the time for showing us around and for their valued support. We appreciate that they have put their trust in TransTec, especially throughout the more recent global challenges.

To learn more about Austrin Gearbox Specialist – Experts in Automatic, DSG and Manual Transmissions, please visit:

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