CVT Global Industry Production Outlook [IHS Data]

Posted by TransTec on November 28, 2018

Among the debates on how many gears a vehicle needs in 2018, one emerging transmission innovation adds an interesting angle to the conversation. The CVT (continuously variable transmission) is a technology that eliminates the need for a set number of gears, designed instead to shift using infinite gear ratios. Today, CVT transmissions are more well-developed than ever, and manufacturers are starting to understand how to incorporate them into their vehicles. But what kind of market share do CVTs really have, and how can we expect them to impact the transmission industry moving forward? In this blog post, we'll take a look at IHS data that illustrates what CVT industry production looks like today and in the future.

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CVT Technologies: What's Inside?

Posted by TransTec on September 5, 2018

One of the hottest topics in the transmission sphere is the debate over how many gears today's applications need. Is the traditional three, four, or six speed enough? What about these new units with as many as eight to ten gears? Are they really that much better? As the trends move toward more gears in traditional step applications, a different piece of technology is shaking things up: the continuously variable transmission (CVT) that virtually eliminates the need for a set number of gears.

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