How Heavy Duty Power Steering Is Going Electronic

Posted by TransTec on June 20, 2018

Heavy duty vehicles (just like any other type of vehicle) are starting to look a lot different today. Maybe you can't see the differences on the outside, but under the hood, change is happening. Perhaps the biggest change in vehicle technology in the past two decades is the transition from hydraulic to electronic power steering, and those advancements are finally making their way into the heavy duty segment.

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The Value of Premium Aftermarket Brands: Are They Worth the Price?

Posted by TransTec on June 13, 2018

No matter what you buy, whether it's for your auto shop business or your personal life, you want to know where it's coming from. Just seeing a brand name on a package or product page affects our perception of the value and quality of the product. We like to know what we're getting. But sometimes that confidence and security requires a bit of investment, especially in the automotive aftermarket, but when a quality rebuild is at stake, our brand choices matter.

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Heavy Duty Power Steering Hard Parts in the Aftermarket

Posted by TransTec on June 6, 2018

The aftermarket is one of the most valuable resources for power steering rebuilders. In order to find the parts you need at the right combination of price and quality, aftermarket manufacturers often provide a plethora of options. However, there's one glaring place where the aftermarket is lacking when it comes to replacement parts: heavy duty power steering hard parts.

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