3 Ways to Increase the Value of Transmission Rebuilds for Your Shop Customer

Posted by TransTec on January 30, 2019

A transmission rebuild is a full automotive service. As opposed to a repair, where only the broken or problematic component is replaced, a rebuild requires a full disassembly and reassembly of the unit using a rebuild kit and replacement hard parts as needed. Essentially, the value of the rebuild for a customer is the efficiency of a brand new transmission for a lower price. But could your shop be doing more? In this post, we'll share three ways to increase the value of transmission rebuilds for your shop customer and explain why providing a quality rebuild is so important.

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How Many Transmission Speeds Do You Need?

Posted by TransTec on January 23, 2019

Today's transmission market is full of emerging technologies and new developments. As transmission features and components become more advanced, one development stands at the front of most automatic transmission tech debates: what is the optimal number of gears? Manufacturers have introduced an entirely new world of transmission applications with nine, ten, or more gears, not to mention continuous, unlimited gear ratio units as well.

But how should drivers know what they really need, and how do these multiple speed units impact the future of automatic transmissions? In this post, we'll explain the advantages a higher number of gears can potentially provide and discuss some industry opinions to determine how many transmission speeds you actually need.

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Why is EPS Production Growing? [Forecast Data]

Posted by TransTec on January 16, 2019

Electronic power steering has been around for years, but new automotive demands are fueling its near exponential growth in the market today. Manufacturers are adopting EPS for its wide range of benefits over its hydraulic power steering predecessors, and recent forecast data shows that EPS deployment is only predicted to grow over the next several years. In this post, we'll take a look at the predictions of EPS market forecast data as well as the reasons why EPS production is growing at such an unprecedented rate.

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What to Know When Servicing HPS Systems

Posted by TransTec on January 9, 2019

We're currently in a period of transition in the power steering industry. A variety of different steering systems are still common on the road today, including plenty of cars still using hydraulic power steering units. As recently as 2005, HPS systems were installed in over 50% of cars produced in Europe, Japan, Korea, and North America. While that number is changing today, plenty of those models are still on the road, and in need of service, today.

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Emerging Torque Converter Technology

Posted by TransTec on January 2, 2019

As vehicle design evolves and automatic transmissions continue to develop, so does the technology that goes inside them. Engineers and manufacturers are constantly tasked with improving or creating parts that are better suited to accommodate new designs, more speeds, and differentiating benefits. As a result, torque converter technology is one segment going through a period of change and innovation. In this post, we'll discuss the emerging torque converter technology making the biggest waves in the automatic transmission market. (Image provided by ATRA.)

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