The Importance of Quality Oil Seals for Transmission Rebuilds

Posted by TransTec on December 26, 2018

Modern transmissions work hard, so shouldn't their oil seals do the same? Inferior seals are one of the most major diagnoses of transmission fluid leaks that can damage the unit beyond repair. When you're rebuilding transmissions every single day, it can be easy to forget how critical these small parts are, but in a system that operates under such high demands, the value well-made oil seals should never be underestimated. In today's post, we're here to discuss the importance of choosing quality when it comes to transmission oil seals.

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3 Most Important Elements of an Aftermarket Transmission Seal Kit Development Process

Posted by TransTec on December 19, 2018

When a new transmission application hits the automotive market, it's only a matter of time until rebuilders need a seal kit for it in their shops. While warranty lengths give aftermarket seal manufacturers a few years to develop a kit before then, you might be surprised by the amount of work and analysis it takes to launch a kit to the aftermarket. While every manufacturer will have a slightly different aftermarket transmission seal kit development process, it's a mistake to believe that every process is equal.

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HPS Hose Failure Symptoms and Maintenance

Posted by TransTec on December 12, 2018

The power steering hose is a critical piece of the hydraulic power steering (HPS) system puzzle. Not only does it connect the steering pump to the cylinders, allowing for easier turning, but it transfers the pressurized steering fluid into the rack and plays a role in proper system lubrication and cooling. But what happens when an HPS hose fails? And how do you know when to replace it? In this post, we'll discuss HPS hose failure symptoms and maintenance best practices to keep your shop on the right track with every HPS rebuild.

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Transmission Shop Spotlight: Authorized Transmissions

Posted by TransTec on December 5, 2018

At Authorized Transmissions, it's all about integrity, quality, and automotive repairs that customers can count on. In today's transmission shop spotlight, we're featuring Authorized Transmissions, a small town auto repair and maintenance shop in LaGrange, Ohio. The technicians at Authorized Transmissions were proud to talk about their values as a repair shop and as a local business.

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