What to Do When A Repair Comes Back

Posted by TransTec on May 29, 2019

It happens in every shop: despite putting forth your best effort, training your technicians, and following your service process, eventually a vehicle you services will come back with an issue after the repair. Sometimes, it could be the result of your mistake, while in other situations, the failure was inevitable for one reason or another. In either case, you're still responsible for this vehicle and the additional work it needs. So what do you do now?

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How Industry Forecasting Leads to Better Transmission Overhaul Kit Coverage

Posted by TransTec on May 22, 2019

Aftermarket kit providers have their work cut out for them when it comes to developing transmission overhaul kits and getting the right ones into the hands of rebuilders. Unfortunately, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) don't release a convenient list of their applications and when they need to be serviced or rebuilt. Kit providers can only determine that information from research and analysis of the industry data available to them. And in the end, not all kit providers choose to put in the time and effort it takes to anticipate which kits rebuilders need and when.

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How to Make the Most of What You Learn at Auto Seminars and Expos

Posted by TransTec on May 15, 2019

In order to keep up with the automotive industry as well as your competitors, you and your auto shop team need to be dedicated to constantly improving your service processes. One of the best ways to stay ahead is by attending continuing education and industry events like training seminars, trade shows, and expos. You and your techs can bring home valuable information on innovations, technology, and business best practices after attending these events, but it can be hard to keep track of — and even harder to implement  everything you learn. But if you handle it right, you can get way ahead of the curve.

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Why Do Transmission Applications Have Variations?

Posted by TransTec on May 8, 2019

There are numerous ways to help ensure that your transmission shop is ready for any vehicle that needs service and any transmission that needs to be rebuilt. But even if you have overhaul kits on hand, train and prepare your technicians, and optimize your shop effectively, you can still run into unexpected challenges. One of the issues many shops and rebuilders face is the dilemma of transmission application variations.

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How to Make the Most of Auto Shop Down Time

Posted by TransTec on May 1, 2019

A slow day (or a longer slow season) can feel like a complete waste for your auto shop -- but that's only if you allow it to. While there are some business factors that might be out of your control, you can still make the slow days count, regardless of how many vehicles are in the shop. When you take the time to plan for it, your down time can actually be an opportunity to increase your overall productivity and efficiency. By rallying your staff behind you, you can get a lot done even on your slowest days.

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