Freudenberg-NOK Announces West Coast Distribution Center for TransTec® Power Steering Products

Posted by TransTec on September 12, 2018

GARDEN GROVE, CA — Freudenberg-NOK, a supplier of replacement parts to the automotive aftermarket, has announced its first California distribution location to enhance service and delivery time of its TransTec power steering products to its West Coast customers.

Partnering with Stellar Automotive Group, a single-source supplier of transmission parts and fluids, Freudenberg-NOK will be able to reduce lead time on orders of TransTec brand power steering kits for customers in the region via the distribution center’s location in Garden Grove, drastically reducing fulfillment time. In addition, regional customers will see reduced shipping costs, availability of bulk parts and direct support from a local sales representative. 

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Why Transmission Rebuilders Should Attend Trade Shows and Seminars

Posted by TransTec on September 12, 2018

When you're working day after day in the rebuild shop, providing the highest quality rebuilds you can, it can easily start to feel like you're isolated from the rest of the automotive world. The good news is that if some out-of-office time is necessary, there are plenty of ways you can learn from and connect with others in the industry at trade shows and training seminars.

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CVT Technologies: What's Inside?

Posted by TransTec on September 5, 2018

One of the hottest topics in the transmission sphere is the debate over how many gears today's applications need. Is the traditional three, four, or six speed enough? What about these new units with as many as eight to ten gears? Are they really that much better? As the trends move toward more gears in traditional step applications, a different piece of technology is shaking things up: the continuously variable transmission (CVT) that virtually eliminates the need for a set number of gears.

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What Makes a Transmission Overhaul Kit Complete?

Posted by TransTec on August 29, 2018

As a transmission rebuilder, it's not enough to merely get your hands on the correct overhaul kit for the unit you're working on. Even the 'right' overhaul kit from some brands don't actually contain all of the parts you need to finish the rebuild job. As we've said before, not all overhaul kits are made equal in terms of quality. The same goes for completeness: not all overhaul kit manufacturers take the care to include every single component you need for a complete rebuild.

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The Difference Between OE and "OE Quality" Transmission Seals

Posted by TransTec on August 22, 2018

When you're comparing transmission overhaul kits, there are so many elements to consider before you make your purchase decision. While all the different specifications can seem overwhelming, it's important to remember that the highest indicator of an overhaul kit's quality is the percentage of OE components inside it. But while you're looking for any brand's OE content, you might notice some different terminology popping up. Some offer OE transmission seals, while others claim that their seal are "OE quality." So what's the difference?

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