Does Your Power Steering Shop Need an EPS Programmer?

Posted by TransTec on October 30, 2019

With the transition to electronic power steering service, several different elements of your power steering shop may need to change drastically. To name just a few examples, your diagnosis and rebuild process, your tool kit, and the rebuild components that you use may all need to change in order to deal with the demands of vehicles that use EPS. Additionally, one other element of your shop that may need adjusting is your team of technicians and employees. Because of the specialized nature of EPS service and the skills involved in it, you may need to consider whether your team can tackle EPS programming or you'll need to hire a dedicated programming expert.

In this post, we'll explain whether your power steering shop needs an EPS programmer based on the role that specialist will play in your rebuild process.

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EPS and Steering Technology Trends [IHS Data]

Posted by TransTec on October 2, 2019

The power steering market has seen multiple developments in steering technology over the years, but perhaps the largest platform transition in history is happening right now. More rapidly than ever, vehicle manufacturers are changing to a fully electronic power steering assembly in all or a majority of their new year models. Anecdotally, the industry's switch to an EPS platform may not seem like something that needs to be a huge concern for power steering businesses and remanufacturers, but taking a look at the power steering market by the numbers can truly reveal the massive scope of the transition that's going on in our industry.

In this post, we'll provide IHS data and statistics on EPS and steering technology trends in recent and coming years as well as discuss how these trends will affect the future of the aftermarket steering industry.

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How Electronic Power Steering DTCs Work

Posted by TransTec on September 18, 2019

When it comes to diagnosing electronic power steering issues, your diagnostic scan tool provides the very first step to repair. Because electronic sensor and communication problems cannot generally be identified by sight or sound, your scan tool will point you toward what's wrong with the system. However, there's a limit to just how much information your scan tool can provide and in what format. Scan tools, in general, can't tell you exactly what's wrong with the vehicle, but they all provide diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) for your team to interpret and test. In this post, we'll discuss how electronic power steering DTCs work, how to read them, and how they can help your techs prep their repair plan for success.

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The Components of a Quality EPS Rebuild Kit

Posted by TransTec on September 4, 2019

Your rebuild can only perform as well as the service and the parts you put into it. That's a general face of the automotive service industry, but it applies especially to the rebuild kits and components you purchase to complete your EPS jobs. When you rely on the aftermarket to supply the EPS components you need, it can be tempting to cut costs by choosing the least expensive option you can find. However, those low costs kits are always lower quality and come with more risks than you should ever be willing to take.

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EPS Training Resources for Power Steering Shops

Posted by TransTec on August 21, 2019

One of the most vital steps in the transition from traditional power steering service to EPS rebuilding and repair is education. Both shop owners and technicians need to understand the ins and outs of EPS in order to service the new units coming into the shop as well as manage the business effectively. However, that education can be difficult to find without the right partners and resources at hand. In order to fully prepare your team to service EPS, you need the right training.

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