Why It Matters What Your Transmission Seals Are Made Of

Posted by TransTec on August 15, 2018

In almost every industry, the final product can only perform as well as the materials inside it. This is especially true when it comes to the automotive aftermarket, with transmission seals in particular. Every manufacturer uses a wide variety of different raw materials to produce its sealing components, and different materials are best suited for different functions and applications. Considering the overwhelming amount of possibilities when it comes to the materials inside transmission seals, some rebuilders fail to really research what they're putting into the vehicles in their shop. Unfortunately, this is a misstep with long-reaching repercussions.

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Quality Overhaul Kits and Why They're Worth the Investment

Posted by TransTec on August 8, 2018

Transmission rebuilds are probably one of the most expensive services you offer. Most rebuild shops charge a few thousand dollars for a full transmission rebuild, and for good reason: not only are the jobs labor-intensive and increasing in difficulty as technology evolves, but replacement parts aren't cheap either. But when you choose the rebuild kit you're going to order, do you know what you're really paying for?

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What To Look For in a Transmission Overhaul Sealing Kit

Posted by TransTec on July 25, 2018

Perhaps the most critical component of your transmission rebuild kit is one of the smallest parts: the overhaul sealing kit. Comprised of all the o-rings, gaskets, and other sealing components you need to complete the unit's rebuild, the overhaul kit is the key to ensuring a successful repair and a satisfied customer. However, it's important for you to know that all overhaul kits are not made equal.

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Transmission Master Kits vs. Overhaul Kits

Posted by TransTec on December 13, 2017

We want one thing to be absolutely clear to transmission rebuilders everywhere: when it comes to what rebuild kit you buy, you definitely have options to choose between. Rebuild kits come in some different shapes and forms, and depending on the characteristics and setup of your shop, they're not necessarily all equally beneficial for you. That's why we're taking the time to walk you through the differences between two of the main types of transmission rebuild kits on the market: master kits vs. overhaul kits.

To learn what you can expect to find in typical transmission master kits vs. overhaul kits as well which might be best to use for a certain job or shop, keep reading.

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